For You Too 

Roaring machines bringing in roaring change

Minorities benefiting from sweat, blood pouring tears of the majority providing infrastructure for ME and perhaps for you too

It’s okay this is for you too poor ignorant and stupid child.
Your stupidity is where our wealth really lies while you lay in your mothball ridden closet tucked away from the public eye.

Winds of change blown from our mouths at our pace, leisure and the crack of our whip makes a place in your country for you too.

Yes poor ignorant child this will benefit you too, so be grateful for my colonizing ways and in hundreds of years from now you’ll be thankful while sitting in your shack under candlelight we’ve given to you.


Dying Embers Within the Darkness

Surrounded by the nothingness of darkness
Discovering there’s much to see
Even when there’s nothing to see

Every other sense momentarily heightened
Exploring sensations never felt before
The smell of oak seeping through dulled pores

Comforting, restraining, welcoming trepidation

Consumed within this new darkness.
Even this darkness welcomes to discover
Beyond anything ever known before

The shudder and rock of the earth
It’s rotation in the universe
As the ocean crashes to the shore
I feel it and also feel nothing at all

Dull and numb, trapped within this oak
My oak carved casket
Deep within the earth
Further into darkness
Until there’s nothing more
But the dying embers within the darkness
Of a life that could have done more.

The Thought of You

What I give I can never get back
What I give I never want back
Take it, turn it, clench your fists and destroy it
Never learning, always growing, but never learning
Something’s missing, a constant yearning to give
To love deeply,
The truth of you
Hidden by the thought of you
Never to find the true you
What could be
What can be
Might never be
Will never be
So you live within the thoughts of me that consume this day
Perhaps every day
Until the reality of the true you
shatters the thought of you..
Within shatters a piece of me
A shard that could have been
That might have been
But would never be
Lost forever in the reality of a realisation
We were never meant to be.

Broken Parts


All broken parts
of what we used to be
Managing to survive
On what is left
Of what was supposed to be

Never going too far
Altering routes for fear
Of change again
Never knowing what
The next turn will bring

Never quite getting together again
Never quite finding ourselves
Never knowing the true potential
Of what we yearn
Broken and absurd.

Calculating steps to take
Wishing miracles into being
Questioning ourselves forever
With every choice we make…

Olivia L. Jardine

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Frighteningly Vivid

I had one of the most frighteningly vivid dreams. I was aboard a flight to Europe, possibly Kazakhstan. Seated next to me was an elderly gentlemen who I had befriended. Passing great translucent oceans I could see its natural inhabitants, shark and fish. I felt blessed, blessed to be able to see all of this, to be a witness to the majesty and beauty of this world, this was to be my first and possibly final trip outside my African continent.
As we closed in on our destination the plane done a barrel roll which made everyone cheer as I explained to my elderly friend that it’s somewhat of a tradition for planes to perform these kinds of aerial maneuvers as a signal of arrival at its destination, where that thought popped into my head i know not. Then something happened, something of an out of body experience… Suddenly my fellow passenger, lets call him Stefan, and I were on the streets of the city, watching our plane descend. As it descended, we both jerked our heads to a mechanically electric sound which caught our attention. A surface to air missile launcher was training in on our plane. Two missiles were fired directly at our plane, while we, still on the streets watched as the missiles hurtled to the plane in which our bodies remained, full of life, for now. Our plane took the required evasive maneuvers to avoid both missiles. Unbeknownst to myself and Stefan, there was another missile launcher a few 100 meters away from the one we were next to, which fired another series of missiles. Our plane headed just above the city in an attempt to avoid the latest attack. Unfortunately a missile hit the tail end of our plane, as the plane crashed into the tallest skyscraper, it’s wings tearing apart, Stefan and I for a brief moment stared at each other, in the blink of an eye he vanished, i knew he had died on that plane and that i was next! As the plane rushed to the ground I started to see blotches of black, a sign to me that I was dying, but not yet dead. The plane was already on the ground as I ran, running so fast, willing myself to live, stay alive Kurt, don’t die, you can’t die and if you’re alive you have to help others who may need your help, you have to live. I eventually got to the wreckage where rescue personnel were looking for survivors. I saw Stefan, he was being covered by a white blanket, and there I was, burnt, bloodied and clothing ripped to shreds, but I was still alive, however they didn’t know that, as they prepared to cover me in the same white blanket as they had done with Stefan. With all my might I tried to will myself to do something anything, just to give a sign that there was still life in me, that there was still hope. As the white blanket was about to cover my head I winced, a noticeable wince, a life saving wince. The blanket slowly taken off I noticed my legs were missing, they were gone. I stood there, looking at myself, wondering how I would live this way and seeing glimpses of the future where my life would be spent in a wheelchair, I realized I would take this life than no life at all…